Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vildish Knits

This is a blog I love. Vilde is on of my sweet daughter Jen's friends. Vilde has two blogs, knits a lot scratch that she produces many things in very short periods of time, travels, cooks with her husband Alex, spins wool, dyes it and she is pursuing her Ph.D. In adition she plays the violin ergo the Ph.D in music.

In 2007, Lee and I spent Thanksgiving in Seattle. We were invited to spend the day with Alex's Mom, Vilde, Alex and the 6 of us. Vilde's Mom and Alex's Grandma were also there. After a wonderful dinner prepared by all except Lee and Eli - they were in the basement watching the cowboys play - Vilde brought out a beautiful hardanger fiddle and played for us. It was a wonderful day with incredible people.

Please go to Vilde's site. It is so fun and amazing!

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