Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Relaxed Cook

I love winter - foods that is. The food just screams comforts - well not screams, exudes. The oven going, yummy smells of roasting meats and veggies, a pot on the stove bubbling. It is just warmth and coziness all over. Who would ever want to leave home? Just walk to the window and peer outside seeing gray, cold, snow or rain. Then re-experience the cozy warmth and smells of your own home. So very nice.

A very simple, delicious dish for winter is a mix of roasted vegetables or a solitary vegetable as the star. So easy. So good. This is the opportunity to try something new in its most pure luxurious state. Fennel, turnips, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, winter squash, rutabaga, potato varieties, onions, carrots and on. Just steer yourself to the produce aisle and look for the root vegetables. Then think combinations. Plan for complementary tastes or colors.

Formula for roasted vegetables:

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Prepare vegetables for roasting by washing, peeling if necessary, then cutting chosen vegetables in similar sizes. Some are meant for chunks or wedges. Relatively equal sizes. Very rustic.

Toss the vegetables with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. About a tablespoon of olive oil. Place on a half sheet pan. Bake for 25 minutes or until tender.

Toss with freshly ground pepper, a little minced garlic and some freshly grated parmesan and/or some herbs if you like. Serve.

This is so good. Who needs meat - just a salad, some bread and a little wine.


  1. do you have a good recipe for a winter pizza crust?

  2. do you have a recipe for a winter pizza crust?

  3. do you have a recipe for a winter pizza crust?

  4. I do LOVE that wine is ALWAYS a welcome addition!!! You are my kind of food artist. How'd you like that term. LOL