Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Superbowl Narcissism

It's been snowing and like much of the rest of the Miami Vally I am snowed in. All of the American Cancer Society offices across Ohio are closed. As a remote worker, I can work anywhere - my house is warm and I have power so I am working. Lee is in the workshop but she has her camera and tripod set up for pictures.

When you're snowed in it's easy to feel a little isolated. So I have been an island. The mail - faithful, hardworking - post people continue to deliver the mail and today I received a Superbowl Care Package from my college room mate Linda. A week or more ago I determined that I would support the Steelers. I must say that part of that reason is because I knew Linda would be rooting for them, Eli supports them and I have another friend there as well. The only connection I have to Arizona is Barry Goldwater and he isn't there. I opened the package and it is a wonderful collection of yellow and black balloons and a Ben Roethslisberger t-shirt!!!!!. The house will be very festive thanks to Linda! THANK YOU Linda. I will be the best dressed and most festive for sure. Pictures to follow.

I have been doing some research in preparation for the Super Bowl I found out that Big Ben was born and raised in Findlay and is a graduate of Miami of Ohio. Hurrah for him! I saw that a food blog recommended a Ben Roethlisberger burger - huge burger, a woven mat of bacon strips, cheese, onion sauteed in bacon grease, egg omelet and a large toasted bun. This brought to us by the same people that posted the infamous Bacon Explosion - pork sausage flattened into a square with bacon on top rolled into a log with a mat of woven bacon draping the sausage roll to be grilled. Google that one for shock and awe! I asked Linda for some advice on Pittsburgh treats and she gave me several. They were definitely Pittsburgh faves and truly meat heavy, bread heavy and fat heavy. I am trying to keep weight off and will even forego Super Bowl traditions to accomplish that.So I am chasing fruits and veggies and simpler fare. I can be somewhat boring.

One of the items she suggested was Clark bars. Lee loves chocolate and sweets and she would never say she had a celebratory meal without something yummy at the end. I didn't want to simply buy some Clark bars and of course because it all about my personal spin I have a substitute that will fill the bill nicely. Oh Henry bars! These are not the purchased candy bar but an easy cookie/confection that will bring a smile to a Texan's face! So Clark schmark it's Henry all the way!

Oh Henry Bars

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2/3 C. butter
1 C. brown sugar
1 T. vanilla
1/2 C. light corn syrup
4 C. oats
! C. chocolate chips
2/3 C. chunky peanut butter

Cream the butter and sugar. Add vanilla, corn syrup, and oats and combine well.

Pat the mixture into a 9 x 13 pan and bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool

Melt the chocolate and combine thoroughly with the peanut butter. Cool, then spread the chocolate over the oat. When cool cut into squares. I like to sprinkle peanuts over the top before I put on the chocolate.

You can make it a day ahead. It's better the next day.


  1. ok, so i am confused. you can't put peanuts in the chex mix, but you can put chunky peanut butter in the o henry treat. can it be said, 'sometimes you feel like a peanut, sometimes you don't'?

  2. so ms. henry.... i am sooo curioius. what would be on the menu if you were asked to create YOUR favorites. and any stories that go with them...


  3. Clark schmark!!!--blasphemy I say!!! WOW that package got there FAST....good old priority mail. And BTW, my Uncle John worked at the Clark factory while he was home from college. He ALWAYS seemed to have a couple of bars in his pocket when I was around. clark schmark....... AND, I will be looking for a photo of you in that t-shirt.