Friday, January 2, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas

Tues - snow flight diverted to Pittsburgh

Wed - Family Christmas Eve of Henry tradition of charcuterie, Turkey in lettuce leaves, cookies, fruit and cheeses and champagne

Thurs - Christmas Day Peking Duck with Grandpa

Fri - day with kids at home, dinner

Sat - Clifton Mill breakfast , walk through John Bryant Park - dinner

Sun - pizza party dinner and Happy Feet

Mon - Lee returns little Christmas

Tues - Christmas with the Diamonds and Lee's birthday (ukulele, cowboy boots, play dough, Connect, paper airplanes, origami, stocking gifts, kayak trip, movies, dinner)

Wed - Entertrainment Junction and Red Robin with Eli and Gabe and the Grandmas - do not do the centrifugal chamber at Entertrainment Junction if you have Meniere's syndrome, Henry/Diamond/Bleeke New Year's Eve Tex-Mex feast

Thurs- New Years Day dinner and fun, loose tooth and somersault off the couch

Fri - pack, load cars, lunch with Jon at Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers Diamonds off to Columbus to spend the night with friends and Jon (Grandmas and 3 dogs collapse)

Sat - Diamonds fly home to Seattle

(Dorothy Lane Market loves me I visited daily)(We read 30+ books from the library)(Gabe and Eli cooked - pizza and cake)

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