Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of the holidays - a bright new year!

Last night was NYE. We had Jon and the Diamonds. We were joined in celebrating by my former husband, his wife, their daughter and his brother. Quite the celebration. Oh and 4 dogs. In this house we are always joined by a guest dog or two.

We decided to go Tex-Mex. Jen made her fab guacamole. Josh did nachos. I made cheese enchiladas and chicken mole enchiladas. Lisa brought a layered dip and Steve brought black beans and rice. For dessert Josh made churros dusted with cinnamon sugar. It was served with Mexican hot chocolate.

We watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I think there were some wistful memories of times past for the men. The guests departed, Lee went to bed and Josh, Jen and I welcomed the new year. I did my beloved burning ritual. Goodbye and letting go to some things and creating new possibilities for now.

This was a tough year - Lee's dear Mom died, our precious dad and mom dealt with his illness and we were privileged to be able to give them love and support. Lee's gas well went out and she and her family have faced some pretty big business issues with that. She broke her elbow. Jen and Josh are having baby #3. The brothers are waiting for their baby sister. My children's dad is dealing with a health diagnosis that is challenging for everyone. Through all of this we've been blessed by our families, dear friends and opportunities to stand for people and change. The economy has challenged everyone and it's been a pretty rough ride for so many. More than ever I know that it's the time to connect and be present to it all.

Blessings to all for the new year.

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