Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mimi's Response

NOPE, I never had Bread Salad at Aunt Bertha's but when I was there we had Squab EVERY Sunday for dinner. It was always served at 1:00 without fail because the 20th Century limited train went through Archbold at 12:00 and my Dad always went down to see it go by. It was the main route between New York city and Chicago and it was a big deal. He loved trains.

I also do remember that in a corner of my Grandmother Swisher's kitchen there was a rocking chair right next to a table with a large rectangular gold- fish tank on it. I guess that is where she rested between the meals she cooked. In the opposite corner was a large table and that is where she rolled out her cookie dough. Boy, Annie do you bring back memories! Sue was asking me about WW1 and Grandpa O's experiences in it in connection with a book her Book Club was reading. Maybe, I should write my Memoirs! Ancient History might come back in style. We just made a huge big pot of Chasen's Chili. The temp is still in the teens, 19 I believe. Nuff said for now. Love, Mom

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