Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Recipe for Fun

We were all on pins and needles over the weather. Each year our family goes in to Traverse City (TC) for a Traverse City Beach Bums game. This is very minor league baseball. With Sun Burn and Sun Tan - two giant bears - as mascots. The bears lead games between the innings and contribute to the overall craziness. We weren't sure if the weather would hold to be game worthy so we made a last minute decision headed out to the game. There were 15 celebrants and we bought tickets in two rows as a block. We were right behind the home team dugout. The baby stayed behind with Mimi and Bobo as the babysitters extraordinaire. Mimi's raised and grandparented and greatgrandparented 10 and Bobo is a retired pediatrician so Mira was in the best of hands.

We were there in plenty of time to see the pregame fun. Generation 3 is particularly rowdy. These are the party people who stay up until 2: a.m. and bake brownie and play cards and laugh and remember. Uncle John took his nephews to purchase Beach Bums gear. Brews all around - served in plastic bottles! So the game starts and Eli and Gabe are glued to the action. Someone actually has to feed them as they are just so focused on the game. Gabe who was really nervous about the bears last year declared he would hug Sun Burn this year. Well we got to the game it was all over. He exercised his prerogative and changed his mind. While shopping in the gift shop the bears came in to go to the back room of the store and Gabe climbed up his Dad pretty quickly. When asked if he wanted to meet the bear he announced he would like to meet the bear without his suit. He really watched the bears throughout the game.

I took pictures with the blackberry through the game and have some great shots. People change seats and converse with new partners throughout the game. It is an awesome time. Eli changed into his new gear and Gabe soon followed. Two little guys seated side by side with their garb and gear is very cute. Of course Gabe wore his mitt on the wrong hand so that added to the sweetness. I taught Eli Take Me Out to the Ballgame when he was 3 so he could sing when we went to the Dayton Dragons games. So they sing their hearts out at the 7th inning stretch. They are so cute and Gabe is Eli's mini-me. The game was a shut-out! TC over the Florence Freedom. Another fun time on vacay.

We returned home and the babysitters won too! One three month old was a little squawky. The pediatrician declared her a little over stimulated from all the family lovin'. He got her to sleep for about 90 minutes before finally getting her settled for the night. She took her breast milk bottle pretty well for Mimi so the evening was a great success for all.

Last nights Refreshments - This is as close to a recipe as you'll get.

30 various beers
2 waters
2 boy drinks
2 regular nachos
1 deluxe nacho
1 burger
4 brats
1 caramel corn
1 cotton candy
2 bags of peanuts
1 dozen hot dogs
2 sour lime candies

Miriam had hiccups this morning we think it was the beer.

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