Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and at a time when one would think I have lots to tell I am somewhat at a loss for words. How does one adequately - sounds so poor - express the meaning of the gifts in her life from all of the mothers. I have one mother but I am blessed to have been surrounded by mothers. My Mom was very young when I was born. Just twenty. My Dad sometimes thought she was one of the girls and we would be happy to include her in our ranks. Mom is the mom every child dreams of. Lots of hugs and laughs except for the infamous "Oh, Anne's". Home made costumes, help with science projects, willingness to let me experiment in the kitchen. Without her willingness to let me experiment I would be without one of my life's passions. There were times when I know she wondered where all of this was going but I do know and my sisters would agree she endured all with a sense of humor and a light hand. I remember pot roast made into hash, fried chicken, white gravy, strawberry pie, pecan sandies and apple cream pie. There was much more but those are some simple faves. My mom is astounding and unique in her own Mimi way. I love you and adore you Mom. She led me to know how I wanted to be as a Mom.

My grandmothers taught me to be a granna and my mother taught me to be a mom. I had grandmothers who were very different. My Dad's mom was an earth mother with big arms for hugs, a deep genuine laugh and the ability to see the joy in childhood and live with the wonder she saw in our eyes. She too understood food to be the great gatherer and her meals were much like communion to me - filled with love and deliciousness. Grandma was unconditional love.

My Mom's mother was more formal but greatly loving. She had a life or purpose and expected the same accomplishments for all of her progeny. She was greatly proud of us and shared her love of music. She also taught me card games. We played solitaire and listened to Karl Haas as we sat at the breakfast table. This grandma wanted us to go far. She didn't live to see me graduate from college but I think she would be very pleased with all of her grandchildren.

My sisters taught me the strength of family and treasures in relationship. These two women are wonderful examples of motherhood and sisterhood. We are very different but have much to share and rejoice in. My sisters are wonderful mothers on their own but together we are known in our family as the sisters and wield some influence. As kids we were competitive and often on different paths. But as adults we are very close and these relationships are among the ones I hold most dear.

My children taught me to love in good times and bad, through joy and sorrow. My daughter teaches me new ways to be a mom and birth young people who are bound to be good citizens of the earth. Children are agony and ecstasy and through them we experience every emotion. Fortunately we also experience mostly joy and happiness as time goes on. I am so fortunate to have two wonderful children who share their lives with me. Jon's move back to Dayton has been a real joy to me. Jen is far away but I feel like I am a part of things from afar.

How will I celebrate Mother's Day? Jon wanted to take me to dinner but I told him I didn't want to go out and battle crowds on Mother's Day. I want to have dinner with him and Lee sharing good food and happy times with just us. I made a rhubarb upside down cake this morning. I went to the garden at 6:30 a.m. to cut rhubarb and make it into the cake. I am going to Dorothy Lane to pick up an entree and an appetizer. We'll have a salad made with the tender lettuces and baby radishes in the garden. They will require a very light dressing. It's a meal made with love to celebrate a very special kind of love. Happy Mother's Day to all of my family and folks everywhere.

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