Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Big Texas Barbecue

Today is the day my friends. Four p.m. is the time and fun is the name of the game. For those dear hearts that are far away I thought I would give you the run down for the menu and the fun. First we have about 38 people who may be coming. I say may be because 10 have told us they'll either be late or may not make it. This a collection of people we love and hold dear either by blood or close ties. It's just too fun to bring these folks together. Lee has 8 hours of Texas music on the ipod. She'll play from the docking station in her workshop. She has the workshop spic and span for tours. Hers is the only workshop I know with its own art collection of two wall quilts, a Texas flag and pictures. She'll be giving tours.

She built a corn hole game and our dear friend Mary a graphic artist painted and created the Dallas Cowboys theme. It will be awesome. Lee's friends and family from Texas so wish they could be at the party. They have never heard of corn hole but would love to play anyway. They want to gather with us to listen to music, eat drink, talk and laugh. Lee purchased a variety of Texas beer for the occasion. She has four different kinds with names like A Little Sumpin, Longboard, Lawnmower, Independence, Bombshell Blonde Ale, Austin lager and Freestyle. She'll also have some Lonestar. I am making my famous sangria, lemonade and iced tea.

My contribution is you guessed it - vittles! I've used a lot of recipes adapted to my own taste from the Homesick Texan blog. She writes and cooks wonderfully. For snacks we'll have seasoned oyster crackers, pico de gallo. Texas caviar, queso and assorted tortilla chips and scoops. I know folks don't think of seasoned oyster crackers as Texas food but Lisa the blogger says they were a part of gatherings at their family occasions. I had some oyster crackers left from my family occasion so I said "why not?" Of course we have brisket 14 lbs to be heated and sliced from the famous Kreuz (Krites) market in Texas. For the Texans for a day vegetarians I made a homemade squash casserole with a southwest flair. The squash is from our garden. So as go togethers Lee is making her pintos. We'll have mustard potato salad, spicy cole slaw with a creamy dressing and radishes and Mexican fruit plate with chile powder and salt. For dessert there will be two Mexican chocolate sheet cakes or sheeeeeet cakes as Lee's brother calls them. So after this we'll be fat as ticks and hopefully satisfied. Yee doggies it will be fun.

So for all of the beloved who cannot make it, I for one will be thinking of you and the great times we've had together. I'll look around and imagine you in the thick of it laughing and talking and sharing this good time. So truly dear ones you will be with me in spirit. Love you and miss you all.

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  1. I sure do have a hankerin' for some of that cake!!! I will be thinking about you and Lee...I should be at work as the party begins :-( Y'all have a great time of it.