Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worshipping at the Grill

A week ago Lee and I received a wonderful invitation. Mr MW and his sweet bride purchased a new grill and wanted some grilling lessons. We arranged to cook for a week on Sunday. Mr. MW chose chicken and pork to learn to grill. Ms. MW purchased a whole chicken, pork tenderloins and chicken breasts. She purchased 8 WHOLE boneless chicken breasts! The breasts could have floated Tom, Huck and Jim down the Mississippi! They were huge! The MWs opted to cook 5 whole breasts and freeze the rest for later use. Fabulous decision.

To prepare for the grilling event I consulted my favorite grilling master - my Dad. Dad's grilling is a wonderful process that consistently delivers the goods! Fabulous to be his daughter. I worship at the feet of this Grillmaster! Dad reviewed his basics: Control temperature, bring meat to room temperature before grilling, don't fuss with the meat on the grill, use a meat thermometer to check for doneness. Armed with the basics I prepared two rubs to use and share with the MW's for future use. One is a spicy rub that can be used for any meat and a sweet rub with spices for pork.

We arrived and admired the new altar to summer food at its finest. It is very nice with two burners and a side burner for pots. Warms sauces for basting meats or cook a side dish exing the need to mind the stove and the grill. Lee showed MW how to connect the grill to the propane and we had liftoff! After letting the grill heat for 15 minutes per manufacturer's instruction we rubbed a whole chicken with the spicy rub and mounted it avoirdupois on the beer can. The can should be 2/3 full so Ms. MW took some beer in her OJ in the style of Germany. This was new for me. After the chicken cooked over indirect heat (one of the two burners was turned off and the chicken placed on the unheated side) it roasted to a delectable brown juiciness. After that we grilled two pork tenderloins rubbed with the sweet rub and the aforementioned huge breasts. Ms MW and I speculated on the size of the chickens that surrendered those beautiful breasts ( I was jealous of those bubbies). Clearly they were huge chickenzillas! The MW's marinated some of the breasts in an Asian marinade with sesame and soy and a creamy marinade that was suspiciously white! I didn't go there because if we enter the debate over MW or mayo a certain gentleman is rendered senseless in his many diatribes against mayo. The poor thing just doesn't understand that one chooses appropriate ingredients based on the dish. Oh well I don't want anything to rear its ugly head again.

Finally Ms. MW prepare beautiful peppers to be grilled with olive oil. Lee peeled small potatoes that were cooked almost to doneness skewered on some bamboo skewers and grilled until brown then bathed in a honey lemon sauce. It was all very good! Mr MW made a beautiful salad with grape tomatoes, lettuces, strawberries and avocado with a mandarin orange vinaigrette. It was so delicious. For dessert I made Rose Levy Berenbaum's Canyon pie. The pie had a chocolate wafer crust with chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries, chocolate chip whipped cream with grated chocolate and finely ground bland almonds and capped with cocoa meringues that simulated boulders. It was such a yummy meal and so fun with great companions.

Lest you think I am under the influence of a weed or drug - yes, Mr. MW tormented me throughout in his own style. Every time I said something to Lee I was condescending . If I talked about cooking I was accused of being perfectionistic. I smiled and told him I was giving him something to aspire to! At other points he said you are such a "4" referring to my enneagram. The MW's are dear friends and they balance this with caring conversation and affirmations of one's gifts of spirit and love to them. I rejoice over this teasing as it means MW is feeling good and ready to play! It was a wonderful time for all.

One-derful Rub for Meats (Adapted from Smoke and Spice)

Blend together:
3/4 C. paprika
1/4 C. gr. black pepper
1/4 C. salt
1/4 C. sugar
2 T. ancho chili powder
2 T. garlic powder
2 T. onion powder
2 T. Dorothy Lane Market Cajun seasoning
2 tsp. cayenne (adjust to less if two spicy)

Store in a cool place in an airtight jar or sealed plastic bag.


  1. Anne,
    Your writing is so descriptive and full of humor and love--for food --as well as love for others.
    Last evening Stpehen prepared a marvelous salad for dinner with a beautiful LARGE chicken beast as the centerpeice. Between the two of you, I do eat very handsomely!!!
    Love you. Donna

  2. such a wonderful description of our time together. IN SPITE OF the 'digs' ms. henry had to insert in her usually faux innocence, the description of the meal accurately described what was a sensual treat.

    now to the facts:

    1. the marinade was NOT white. it was pale yellow. no mw OR mayo in it.
    2. i felt it only right to defend ms lee as ms. uppity henry had to say less than nice things to her.
    3. i didn't use the word perfectionistic at all during the evening. that is a blatant misinterpretion of my conversations with ms. uppity.
    4. ms henry left us during our time together with some pitter patter of things she left at home. she had good intentions though. i will give her that.
    5. our time together was truly special. that is a fact fer sure.

  3. Sounds like you had enough food for an army! Too bad I wasn't in the vicinity. I think I could have made a sizable dent in that dessert.. yum