Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If you build it they will come

Hello Family and Friends!

Becky Ford asked at Thanksgiving if I would write a family cookbook. I demurred knowing that it was a lot of work and while I had some recipes I didn't have all of them. Begging, collecting, scribing seemed so laborious I thought this should be a Tom Sawyer effort. I'll have fun getting it started but you will have to do the work with me. Instead of a cookbook in print we'll be high tech with a blog.

This is the promised blog. I've decided to call it Tastes of Henry. We can use the blog to share family recipes, memories, pictures and all around good fun. So here goes everyone.

To the best family in the land! Here's one for you!


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  1. Hip hip hooray!!! Cheers to our family. :) Thanks for putting this together, Annie! Thanks to Josh for helping too.